Zigzag of Fifths
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Interact with key signatures by moving the window to show different Note TeamsTM.

  • See which notes belong to every key signature
  •  Visualize how the notes change between key signatures by watching them move on the piano keys
  • Listen to major and minor scales to hear the difference that changing the tonic makes, even when the key signature is unchanged
  • Explore 7 different patterns in the Zigzag of Fifths, including the order sharps and flats are added and the intervals between notes

Available for iPhone, iPad, android, and Kindle Fire devices.
v3.2 now available with new features: 

  • Switch between English, Fixed Do, and German note naming systems. 
  •  Change the color scheme - pick from preset options or make your own.
  • View the notes on the keyboard by note name or scale degree.

 "This is a fun, fresh new way to visualize the circle of 5ths!

Lisa Witt

Explore Note Teams to effortlessly see which notes, scales and chords belong to every key signature.

These app screenshots show the 2 views for exploring Note Teams: with and without the piano.

Without piano: Slide the window to view a new Note Team.

With piano: See which piano keys change when you change key signatures.

Explore 7 patterns within the Zigzag of Fifths.

Start with a learning activity, then apply your knowledge by answering questions.
Preview the 7 patterns in the images below:

 "I just checked out (and downloaded!) some of your theory apps. The Zigzag of Fifths is genius! Thank you!

Piano teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use the Zigzag of Fifths app to understand or explain key signatures. Not sure what to do? Select the '?' at the bottom of the app screen for in-app help.

Explore Note Teams

- Simply drag the window along the Zigzag of Fifths to change which 7 notes are shown within the window. Each set of 7 notes is a Note Team with a unique key signature that shows which notes on the team are sharp or flat.

- Switch between major and minor modes to see the tonic note, or Team Captain, change. Listen to the scale to hear how changing the music mode changes the sound of the Note Team.

- View the piano to visualize how sharps and flats are added on the piano keyboard as you drag the window.

Explore Patterns

Enhance your understanding of how the Zigzag of Fifths is set up and used by exploring 7 patterns. Each pattern has 2 modes: Learn (classroom icon) and Apply (puzzle icon).

1. Order sharps and flats are added
2. Note Teams
3. Relative minors
4. Number of sharps/flats in major keys
5. Number of sharps/flats in minor keys
6. Major 2nd intervals
7. Perfect 5th intervals

The Zigzag of Fifths app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.

Most iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets, and Kindle Fire devices are compatible. However, there are certain minimum software and hardware requirements.

Check the appropriate app store to verify your device meets the requirements.

Yes! The Zigzag of Fifths printable resource includes several posters, a worksheet and the window-sliding activity.

Complement the app with printables in the Stickey Notes Etsy store.

Check out the Scale and Key Bundle, which includes the physical version of the Zigzag of Fifths, as well as the Solfa Slider and Note Team Builder.