Stickey Intervals
App preview & demo videos 

Demo video of new features in v3.0, focusing on 2-Player Level 3 and 2-Player Level 2 games.

Demo video of new features in v2.0, focusing on single-player Level 2 Level 3 games.

Quick tip video for Level 1, single-player game

Demo video of v1.0, Level 1 single-player and 2-player games. (The latest version has some minor differences.)

An intervallic reading app to complement the Stickey Notes app!

  • Level 1: Interval degrees on the piano keyboard
  • Level 2: Interval degrees on the staff
  • Level 3: Connecting intervals on the staff to the piano keyboard

For each level, see and hear intervals by interactively dragging characters or notes, then play a game that involves making or identifying intervals.
All levels include a single-player and a 2-player game.
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"Stickey Intervals is an engaging app for learning musical intervals. With its interactive gameplay, it transforms music theory into a fun learning experience both visually and aurally.
From simple dragging exercises to exciting 2-player options, it caters to a range of skill levels. In addition, Stickey Intervals offers customization options including interval range, key signatures, and fixed do naming conventions.    

Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate player, the Stickey Intervals app makes music interval training enjoyable, making it a great choice to help students enhance their music skills."  

Jennifer Foxx  

Teachers and students: Here's a FREE pre-planned activity schedule spreadsheet for this app.
> Select "File... Make a Copy" to save an editable copy of the spreadsheet to your Google Drive.
> Students can track their progress digitally (have them save a copy to their drive first) or print it out and check the boxes as they start and master each activity.

> The spreadsheet includes activities for other apps as well, but can be filtered to show only the rows for the apps you are using.

App Description

Build your intervallic music reading skills with these fun games for piano!

Level 1 
> Explore: Drag the characters to see and hear intervals change on the piano.
> Play: Don't let the ghost catch you! Drag the character to the piano key that forms the specified interval.
> 2-Player: Race your opponent to select the interval degree that matches the played piano keys.  

Level 2 
> Explore: See and hear how intervals change by moving notes on the staff. 
> Play: Drag the notes on the staff to match the interval degrees you hear.
> 2-Player Explore: See and hear example intervals on the staff by tapping an interval degree.
> 2-Player Play: Race up the rope as you correctly identify the degree for each interval shown on the staff.

 Level 3  
> Explore: See and hear how intervals change on the piano by moving notes on the staff.
> Play: Drag the notes on the staff to match the intervals played on the piano keyboard.
> 2-Player Explore: See and hear example intervals on the staff by tapping an keyboard showing an interval.
> 2-Player Play: Outlast your opponent by correctly ordering the keyboards to match the order of the intervals on the staff.

> Intervals (from unison to octave)  
> Key signature
> English or Fixed Do note naming conventions
> English or Italian ordinal numbering suffixes
> Custom color schemes

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